Where Can You Find Us

Sept 20-22: TVPPA Utility Safety Conference, Huntsville, AL
Hear from our Surveying Manager Chris Conrad about our aerial imagery services and see a demo of our drone data collection and how it can be an effective use for asset management.

Sept. 27-29: Tennessee Engineering Conference, Nashville, TN
Our Engineering Project Manager Anthony Groft will share a case study of our largest transmission project to date, highlighting the unique challenges of working with a college airport, the National Park Service, and other stakeholders to complete a new line design.

Oct. 2-6: ICUEE Expo & IP Safety Conference, Louisville, KY
Find us in the IP Safety Zone at booth #3816.

Oct. 12-14: International Lineman’s Rodeo, Overland Park, KS
Hear from our Safety Manager Walt Pollard and Safety Trainer Danny Bost on the latest Insolate and Isolate training, visit us in the expo hall and check out our drone field van on competition day on site.

The PCA team has been called upon by a diverse client base ranging from small facility operators to the largest electric utility in the US to provide a host of services for the transmission and distribution of energy.

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