Senior Oversight Inspector

Power Consulting Associates Oversight Job Description

Job title: Senior Inspector
Reports to: David Grooms
Date: January 1, 2017

Job purpose

Provide a brief description of the general nature of the position; an overview of why the
job exists; and what the job is to accomplish.

Provides Oversight and Inspection services (also referred to as oversight) for all stages
of the construction of transmission and distribution lines and substations. Objectives
included: maintaining a safe work site, keeping workers safe, safeguarding the
environment, and meeting the Client’s construction specifications.

Duties and responsibilities

List the primary job duties and responsibilities using headings and then give examples of
the types of activities under each heading. List in order of importance the major
responsibilities of the job, then estimate the percentage of time (in minimum increments
of 5%) spent on each one.

Primary job duties include but are not limited to the following:

1. Provide safety oversight with emphasis on best safety practices working within
standards established by OSHA and our Clients and the Contractors.
2. Reviews safety measures as well as demonstrates safe work habits.
3. Provide inspection/ oversight on new construction, upgrade, and repair of
transmission lines, distribution lines and substations. Ensure compliance with
specifications and regulations, as well as work performed and materials used.
4. At times, provide guidance on environmental practices to meet local, state, and
federal requirements. (ex. SWPPP, historical location, protected areas, SPCCC,
migratory birds, endangered species, etc)
5. Reviews project plans and specifications prior to inspection.
6. Insure accuracy and timeliness of inspection records, project documentation
project files, and construction reports.
7. Prepare maintain, and report updates on project progress.
8. Attend all meetings as required.
9. At times, may be asked to provide and maintain material inventory in compliance
with plan specifications, note deficiencies, and/ or deviations from original plans.
10. Provide pre-bid contract and specification reviews
11. Provide client and landowner relations
12. Other duties as assigned by management.


State the minimum qualifications required to successfully perform the job. These are the
qualifications that are necessary for someone to be considered for the position.
All qualifications must comply with provincial human rights legislation.
Qualifications include:

Education, Certification, Training and/or Work Experience required for this job

  • High school diploma or equivalent; AND a minimum five year’s experience in

  • construction management. Experience as a lineman, foreman, etc. may be

  • substituted for construction management experience.

  • Certified in First Aid/ CPR/AED Training(preferred)

  • OSHA 10 hour {preferred)

Specialized knowledge

  • Considerable Knowledge of: Safe work practices, methods, materials and equipment used in transmission, distribution and substation projects; principles and practices of power line and Substation construction; occupational hazards and safety precautions in construction areas; principles of record keeping and records management; current knowledge or ability to learn how to effectively use a computer, ( Microsoft; email, excel and word documents) tablet, and smartphone as well as standard business software applications; Company policies and procedures.

  • Sufficient knowledge of local, state, federal and client rules and regulations to identify and prevent environmental issues.
  • Ability to: Assess and prioritize multiple tasks, projects and demands;
    communicate effectively in verbal and written forms; establish and maintain
    effective working relations with employees, officials, other development
    specialists and contractors, and the general public; safely operate a motor vehicle and navigate across even and uneven surfaces; maintain good observation skills and have an eye for detail.

Skills – list any required skills

  • Ability to complete in a timely manner fillable forms on an iPad (in some cases laptop) to supply client with forms necessary to track contractor work methods, project completion, and other aspects of the oversight role as needed.

  • Ability to send and receive emails on tablet if necessary with attachments such as pictures or forms. Other characteristics such as personal characteristics
  • Ability to effectively communicate with a variety of individuals in a professional manner.
  • Knowledge and confidence to stop work on the jobsite if questions arise, examples; safe work practices, inadequate levels of communication between crew members, etc.
  • Valid class D driver's license is required. Position requires an acceptable driving record in accordance with Company policy.

Physical requirements

1. Extreme weather conditions Heat and Cold
2. Balancing
3. Walking across uneven or unstable ground
4. Stooping
5. Kneeling
6. Crouching
7. Standing for long periods
8. Speaking Clearly
9. Hearing
10. Seeing, Having the Critical Eye
11. Ability to watch the workers and work being done
12. Working long hours
13. Working a night
14. Working Weekends & Holidays
15. Performing Storm Restoration Support

The PCA team has been called upon by a diverse client base ranging from small facility operators to the largest electric utility in the US to provide a host of services for the transmission and distribution of energy.

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