Office Staff

Josue Alvarez

Financial Coordinator

Josue manages accounting tasks for the company, handling financial reporting, accounts payable and receivable.  Josue treats all our stakeholders like clients, keeping our board, employees, and vendors accurately informed on any financial questions. Josue is also fluent in Spanish, having assisted with some international projects.

Josue loves to travel, always visiting new places and trying new adventures like snorkeling, skiing, and riding coasters.  He's also an accomplished singer, having the opportunity to sing the national anthem in front of 15,000 people at a San Antonio Spurs game.

Josue is a graduate of the University of Mexico Valley in Mexico city, where he studied Accounting and Communications and earned his CPA.

The PCA team has been called upon by a diverse client base ranging from small facility operators to the largest electric utility in the US to provide a host of services for the transmission and distribution of energy.

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